Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ocean of Time + Summer Music

This image is a still from an animated short I did in 2005, called
Ocean of Time
. It went on to be nominated for an award at Melbourne International Film Festival later that year. I don't have many opportunities to animate these days, but I would very much like to work on a more extensive film in the future.

• • •

Just got tickets in the mail for two shows: Ladytron/The Faint on
April 21st (haven't seen the latter since they came to Emo's a few years back) and Animal Collective in June. Not a bad start for Summer '09!

This will be my first time seeing Animal Collective, but in a way I'm glad because MPP is their best record to date, if not the best record of the year, so far.

Sometimes I feel really lucky to live in this town.


screaminglucy said...

sometimes european acts would come down to austin more though...they always seem to stick to the n east coast

Ryan Cooper said...

Yes, I agree. We need more folks from across the pond (not just during SXSW).