Saturday, December 27, 2008

Vanadium Systems Logo

I was recently hired by a startup company called Vanadium Systems to create their official logo. The description for this job was very brief aside from a loose color scheme, so I worked out a quick concept to spark some feedback—necessary feedback that would help me deliver on the next pass.

This initial design was rejected, rightfully, but was catalytic in determining a visual angle of approach for their market (and thus, a concrete logo). I introduced the idea of having a positive/negative "charge" to the design, as VS deals in electrical systems and is even named after an element found in batteries. Eventually we agreed on a symbol that represents these things and more without coming across too angular or harsh for their target audience.

They were thoroughly satisfied with the resulting design, and will be including it in future collateral and web applications.


Saphron said...

Hey, great work! I like both designs; it's interesting that they wanted something as 'soft' as the second one.

That blue is amaaaaaaazing, btw.

Ryan Cooper said...

Thanks, this was a fun one. I'll be doing some graphics for their website in the near future so I'm looking forward to tying it all together, thematically.